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Why Communic8sw

imageAffordable, reliable and friendly.

The bottom line is that we install the right communications solution for your business needs. No two companies are alike and so a one-size-fits-all approach to telecommunications inevitably doesn’t reap the biggest rewards.

In fact, many businesses get sold communication systems which don’t complement their overall objectives and they tend to pay through the nose for them. We’ll always analyse your unique situation and ensure we understand exactly what you want from a telecoms system before we even suggest one. We never come to your premises with a solution in mind beforehand. That kind of approach is why many companies get it so wrong nowadays.

This guarantees that the solution we propose is the one that best matches your requirements and provides you with all the capabilities you need; even if that means installing a communications system that is a fraction of the price of one you’ve seen or been quoted elsewhere.

When you deal with us you get to speak with a telecommunications engineer in the first instance, not a sales agent. This means that you benefit from our years of experience and knowledge right off the bat.

Many of the larger communications companies will attempt to sell you a system that is totally superfluous to your needs. While people tend to think that bigger (and more expensive) is often better, that’s simply not always the case in our industry.

Nobody can get it right 100% of the time – that would be impossible – but we definitely hit the nail on the head far more often than our competition. Plus, the fact that we charge on a daily basis ensures that your new telephony system is as cost effective as possible. No more paying on a per network point basis or one big lump sum for an entire installation.

In addition to getting a phone system that is perfect for your needs, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our expertise for three months following your installation free of charge. Basically, if you find there’s anything that needs a slight adjustment or a few changes that need making, we’ll come to your premises and make the necessary adjustments as an extension of our installation service.

This offering is especially useful for businesses who want simple programming changes made post-installation. It may be that you overlooked a small feature or perhaps just want your phones to ring differently. Either way, we are happy to make the changes and get your phone system functioning exactly how you want it to. It’s all part of our customer-focused service ethos.

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