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New Phone Systems

Choosing a New Phone System

While we often recommend refurbished phone systems to our customers, there are obviously times when a new system is the right choice. As well as benefiting from a full manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll also get shiny new handsets with a range of features.

The advances in Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology have led to the rise of new phone systems with IP-based extensions. These are great as they allow businesses more freedom to move their handsets around quickly and efficiently.

If you've got a large office and find yourself constantly repositioning phones for whatever reason, an IP-based solution can give you a lot more freedom. Traditional telephone systems inevitably require a professional engineer to shift extensions around an office. If you are doing this on a regular basis it can get expensive.

VOIP Communications

With a VOIP-based communication solution, businesses can unplug a handset and reconnect it at another location, without losing the extension number or pre-configured settings. It really is plug and play technology, and this is extremely beneficial for fluid offices that like to change things up from time-to-time.

We’ll always look at your requirements today, and suggest a solution that matches them and your budget perfectly. However, we’ll also help you establish whether the proposed system is still going to be serving you well into the future.

If your business has ambitious growth plans and your telephony needs are going to expand going forward, we’ll help you address that today. It could be as simple as providing you with extra scope to expand in the form of surplus extensions or by installing a telephone system that is easily upgraded should the need arise.

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