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Refurbished Phone Systems

Choosing a Refurbished Phone Systems

We often recommend refurbished phone systems to our customers because they ultimately save them money. They also come with a 12-month warranty (much the same as new systems do) and so still afford total peace-of-mind.

What better way to highlight the benefits of a refurbished phone system than with a real-life case study. Disability Cornwall came to us for help as their existing phone system had reached its capacity. Every time they tried to add a new extension they encountered problems. Like many businesses they initially sought the advice of a large telecommunications provider.

They were told that a new system, which would meet all their expectations, would cost them approximately £10,000. Feeling a little subdued, they decided to ask us for help.

After talking to them about their needs, it soon became apparent that their existing phone system actually did everything they wanted. Our immediate thought was to implement a refurbished system very similar to their current one, but which boasted more capacity.

Rather than investing £10,000 in a shiny new phone system, which wouldn't actually have afforded them any tangible benefits, they instead spent around £2,500 and are literally over the moon as a result.

The key was asking the right questions and ascertaining exactly what they used their phone system for. When we discovered that it was mainly just answering and transferring calls, with a little bit of out-of-hours functionality thrown in, the decision to go with a refurbished system was a no-brainer.

Achieving What You Want

By understanding their individual needs we were able to implement a phone system that achieved what they wanted. Of course, the £10,000 system would have also fulfilled their requirements, but it would have also come with a lot of redundant functionality which they simply didn’t need.

We estimate that refurbished phone systems save our customers, on average, around 70% compared to the cost of new ones. And as we’re all about matching solutions to budgets and requirements, the decision to go with a refurbished system is one that is usually made.

What’s more, when we talk to our customers and discuss their needs, between 80%-90% decide that a refurbished phone system is for them.

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