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Additional Services

Even though our bread and butter is selecting and installing phone systems to match your needs, we can also provide a range of other services which are designed to save you both time and money:

On-Call Telephone Engineer

No matter how many safeguards you put in place, it’s almost impossible to prevent against problems arising with your business telecommunications system. Whether it’s an occurrence outside of your control, such as a lightning strike, or an issue caused by lack of training or even sabotage, we can help.

In these situations, our priority is to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. This allows your company to remain in contact with your customers and experience only a minimum amount of disruption.

We’ll then work with you to restore your telephony services to their former glory or perhaps even implement a new solution that better suits your needs.

Complete Network Cabling

Have you got a brand new office or site that needs data cabling? We can help! We’ve been cabling sites and offices for years and can advise you of the best configuration possible for your situation.

Lots of companies can come in and fully cable a new site, but securing the services of one who takes pride in their work and leaves your building looking better than when they started is priceless.

Getting all your data cabling right at the start will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. The fact that we work on a daily rate means that you can fully equip your building for a fraction of the cost charged by some of the larger data cabling companies.

For example, many cabling firms charge you on a per data point basis and that’s when kitting out a new site can get expensive. The way we work ensures you get the cabling you need at a price that suits your budget.

Phone Extensions

The fast pace at which modern businesses move means that additional phone extensions are often required at the drop of a hat. And few things are more embarrassing than when you’ve got a new recruit who’s raring to go, but doesn’t have their own extension sorted.

We can come to your site and provide a range of extension services to suit your needs. Whether it’s adding new ones, reconfiguring old ones or carrying out additional programming, no job is too big or too small.

Broadband Issue Troubleshooting

Experiencing problems with your broadband connection, be it residential or commercial, such as slow speeds and your ISP has told you that the fault lies within your premises? Let us determine the root cause.

If the problem is indeed with your internal network then we’ll fix it and only charge you a fraction of what your ISP would to investigate the issue. Should we conclude that the fault lies under your ISP’s area of jurisdiction then we’ll provide you with all the details you need to go back to them and seek further help.

Don’t be stung by your ISP’s high call out charges, which you’re liable to pay even if the fault turns out to be outside of their responsibility.

CCTV Services

CCTV is fast-becoming an obvious choice for businesses today and in some industries it’s even a legal requirement.

We can suggest and install a bespoke CCTV system that runs on your existing CAT5 data network. IP-based cameras mean that you can afford all the benefits of a modern CCTV system, without the hefty infrastructure costs.

Moreover, you don’t lose any of the features often associated more traditional CCTV systems, such as tilt, pan and zoom functionality.

Don’t leave your business exposed. Start utilising your existing infrastructure to help you afford all the additional security benefits that come with a modern day CCTV system.

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