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About Ivor

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As a young lad who grew up in Redruth, my career options were relatively limited. I didn’t fancy going down the engineering route, so opted instead to grab a fantastic opportunity that arose and joined an apprenticeship scheme with the General Post Office (GPO).

Back in those days, apprenticeships were exactly as you’d expect and I spent my first few weeks with the GPO digging holes and putting up poles. At the time, I thought to myself, hang on a minute… you’re supposed to be an engineer. But then I soon realised that I was gaining an unparalleled insight into how the telecommunications industry operated and building a fantastic foundation for my future.

In the third and final year of my apprenticeship I decided that I would specialise in the construction of telephone exchanges and relished the challenges that came with it. That’s what I would spend the next six years or so doing before I moved over to the maintenance side and found myself responsible for 10 telephone exchanges all over Cornwall.

The next 12 years of my life were spent managing and maintaining these telephone exchanges to ensure they were always performing as they should and the local population were getting the services they were paying for.

At this point, telecommunications was well and truly flowing through my veins and that’s why I decided to make the transition to fibre optics and began installing all of the main core BT networks across Cornwall.

My enthusiasm for telecoms and broad range of skills saw me headhunted by a transatlantic firm. But while the rewards were better, it wasn’t meant to be and after less than two years with the company they filed for bankruptcy. This was when I decided to go it alone and work on a totally self-employed basis.

That was over 12 years ago and I’ve never looked back. I’m now doing what I love and that’s installing the right communication systems, for the right people, at the right price.

To ensure that I am always in the best position to provide the highest levels of service, I’ve restricted my area of scope to Cornwall. That doesn’t mean that I won’t entertain projects in places like Plymouth or even Exeter, but any further afield and I’ve found that my rigorous service levels are more difficult to maintain.

My customers want the reassurance that I can be at their premises within four hours if they’re experiencing a problem. Having their communication services restored in a timely and professional manner is what my customers have come to expect every time.

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